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> Story of a journey

This is the story of a “normal” guy, who in contact with a continuously different “normal” evolved in a “normal” way during these three years on the roads of the world. To recount my trip, I’ve used each country I went through to tell an anecdote, share a reflection, give a tip, provoke a topic, show some photos. In total, forty-eight, which I invite you look through:



1.UNITED STATES – the first steps

2.CANADA – seeing the country

3.MEXICO – finding your rhythm

4.BELIZE – « Ile était une fois … »

5.GUATEMALA – teacher and doctor

6.HONDURAS – the world of silence

7.SALVADOR – the bowels of the earth

8.NICARAGUA – Belgian VIPs

9.COSTA RICA – backpacker world

10.PANAMA – alone, in pairs, or more?

11.COLOMBIA – untimely needles

12.ECUADOR – inside and outside the trains

13.PERU – walking in order to find yourself

14.BOLIVIA – my backpacker jumper

15.BRAZIL – it’s where, the South?

16.URUGUAY – happy birthday to you

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