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The world is large and its roads torturous. Rather straight at the beginning, my path then made no end of curves and spirals.

Planning a trip is a simple thing; achieving it, almost impossible. And fortunately, that is one of the charms of such an adventure.

The simplest thing is perhaps to start off with the countries where you don’t wish to go (too expensive, not exotic enough, too dangerous). Then set a number of days/months to be spent in each country (according to your desires and experience, time limits fixed by a world trip ticket, etc….). Determine the ones that are must not be missed. Start with “the easiest” (South East Asia is, for example, easy to cross). And not a lot more……

I decide to go from Cape Town to Cairo or from Vancouver to Ushuaia in six months seeing the Victoria and Iguazu Falls, the Uyuni or Kilimandjaro deserts …and we’re off!

Everyone has their own thirst for discovery (the landscape, the people, new experiences), each their own method of transport and their own rhythm.

I met the hyper-organized (each day detailed with accommodation already planned out) and completely disorganised ones (just a passport and a credit card). Somewhere between the two, to suit all tastes…

Personal conclusion:
the less thought, the better…

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