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Preparing for a trip around the world is fun (the dream has already begun), necessary (especially putting aside as much as possible) and reassuring (the need to foresee everything in advance).

The groundwork that I voluntarily and carefully prepared, however, was completely useless…

I left with the certainty of travelling for one year; the adventure lasted three times longer.

I never respected the least itinerary that I had set myself; this has always been determined by and evolved according to my encounters, by random and unforeseeable definition.

I bought myself a world trip ticket. Valid for one year, I was only able to use the first section (Brussels – New York) and got a refund on the second one (Buenos Aires – Auckland).

I bought the largest backpack (which I considered to be my lifeline) and stuffed it with everything that was recommended to take along (water pump, portable stove, medicine case, prepared by a doctor friend, change of clothes in a quantity suitable for all weather conditions etc.). Little by little I emptied it of its contents; after several months I sold it and was happy with a smaller one.

Finally, the most beautiful of surprises; the longer one travels, the less one spends…

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