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Every traveller has a different budget; each trip a different cost.

It’s often the first question: you want to hear a figure, people say that you have to be rich to travel around for such a long time, only a few who are affluent are able to do it. My point of reference has always been the cost of a car. Selling my car after a year of travel allowed my to stay on the road for an extra two years.

Only problem, a car can be bought at different prices… It all depends whether you take the “all options” trip or not!

Time is invaluable. Rather than the traditional “time is money,” when travelling “time saves money.”


Having time to travel.

Going by plane is comfortable, fast and makes it possible to see places more quickly. Hiring a car or taking a taxi allows you to be independent and alone.

Hitch-hiking, waiting for a truck for two days if necessary, travelling long distances in buses on dreadful roads (“ouch!”) or being invited on a cargo boat requires time and patience.

Going by bike (or sometimes on foot) imposes a slower rhythm again and requires mental strength and energy.

Combining or favouring one or the other method of transport obviously and considerably influences the budget.

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